Page 10 - Annual report 2020-21
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VALUE FOR MONEY                           Annual report for customers
                                            STANDARD                                                   2020/2021

                                            TOTAL INCOME  Based on 2020/21 accounts.

        For every £1 collected...           As a % of rental income, the Group spend 54% of every £ on maintenance,
                                            management and associated overhead costs. The majority of the remainder is
        54.1p      Rents and service        interest costs on the funding to provide our homes.
                   charges                  Click here to read the 2020/21 Value For Money Report extract from our
        22.4p      Loans                    statutory accounts.

        10.6p      Development grants               54.1p: Rents and service charges

          7.8p     Property sales

          3.5p     Trading and other
          1.2p     Garage and shared
                   ownership rents
          0.4p     Charges to                                                               1.2p:  Garage and shared
                                                                                                ownership rents
                                                                                            3.5p:  Trading and other

                                                                                            7.8p:  Property sales
                                                                     10.6p: Development

                                                  22.4p: Loans

                                            TOTAL EXPENDITURE  Based on 2020/21 accounts.

        For every £1 spent...

        34.4p      Repayment of loans                               34.4p: Repayment of loans

        29.6p      New developments

        14.9p      Management and
        10.6p      Repairs and                29.6p: New developments
          9.1p     Interest on loans                                                   9.1p: Interest

          1.4p     Other                                                                   on loans

                                                                            10.6p: Repairs
                                                                           and improvements

                                                       14.9p: Management
                                                          and services


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