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NEIGHBOURHOOD &                           Annual report for customers
                                            COMMUNITY STANDARD                                         2020/2021

                            6%              ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR (ASB)
                                            652 cases of ASB were dealt with this year compared with 616 cases in the
             INCREASE IN                    previous year. 237 additional cases required ASB advice only. The top five

                ASB CASES                   types of ASB were:
                   dealt with since            26% Neighbourhood nuisance
                        2019/2020              23% Noise (domestic/pets/vehicles)                          Read more
                                               10% Loud music
                                                6% Parking
                                                6% Threatening behaviour

                                            COMMUNITY FUND
               £16,000                      The Covid pandemic stopped a lot of clubs/groups and

            awarded by the Group            organisations being able to continue, this had an impact on    Read more
         TO HELP LOCAL                      any fundraising that was planned, but Wrekin has helped 12
                                            organisations receive support through our community fund.
                                            EMPLOYMENT, SKILLS, TRAINING AND

                                            VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES

                                                394 Employees attended one or more training courses
                                                477 Training courses were delivered to improve employee skills
                                                 65 People moved into employment from being economically inactive
                                                 48 Employees enrolled on govt. training courses or further education
                                                 27 People were directly employed as apprentices
                                                 25 Employees volunteered to assist with our Covid-19 response,
                                                     totalling 719 hours of volunteering
                                                 17 People regularly volunteered to assist with wellbeing activities
                                                 12 People improved skills by training while regularly volunteering

                          193               HOMECHECK

             HOMECHECK                      Homecheck is our way of ensuring tenants are offered the support they may
                                            need. This year we saw the number of homecheck visit requests fall due to
                   REQUESTS                 Covid-19 and many of our visits were carried out remotely.

                                                193 Homecheck visits carried out
                                                 62 Tenants received additional support
                                                 14 Tenants identified as vulnerable
                                                  4 Tenants referred for specialist help


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