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Annual report for customers
                                            TENANCY STANDARD                                           2020/2021

                          843               LETTING HOMES

                    LETTINGS                This year we issued 843 tenancies, of which 264 were for tenants
                                            transferring to alternative properties. In addition to this, we had 41 mutual
                                            exchanges. We also let 299 brand new homes during 2020 and 2021.
         34.8 DAYS                          RE-LETS

                RE-LET TIME                 On average, it took us 34.83 days to re-let a property at an average cost
                                            of £1,593.
                9.58/10                      Average re-let time  2018/19         2019/20         2020/21
                                                                  15.31 days
                                                                                                  34.83 days
                                                                                  14.57 days
                NEW HOME                     Average re-let cost  £980            £1,334          £1,593
           SATISFACTION                     Comments: Due to government Covid restrictions, we were unable to let
                              score         any of our empty properties for a total of 63 days between the middle of
                                            March and 18 May 2020. This period of inactivity had a negative effect on
                                            the average time it took us to re-let our empty homes. In addition, to ensure
                                            customers felt safe, a number of changes to our processes of letting homes,
                                            especially older persons accommodation, continued to impact on the time
                                            taken. This period did allow us to look at safe practices and also introduce
                                            electronic signature processes to minimise contact during the pandemic.

                £1.94m                      MAXIMISING INCOME FOR OUR

                    SECURED                 CUSTOMERS
                    BENEFITS                We have several teams that help to maximise income for our     COVID-19
                                            customers. The table below shows how much money each team
                                            secured for our customers through welfare benefits income,
                                            grants and financial assistance.

                                             Debt Advice team                                     £ 268,141
                                             Money Matters Team                                   £1,676,155
                                             (Welfare Benefit Advice & Tenancy Sustainment)

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