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Annual report for customers
                                            RENT STANDARD                                              2020/2021

                £67.9m                      RENT CHARGED AND COLLECTED

                           RENT             The rent we charged this year totalled £67,997,517. Some of our   Read more
                                            customers overpay their rent to keep on top of their bills which
                  CHARGED                   means we managed to collect 101.8% of the rent charged. Even
                                            with the effects of Covid-19 this was slightly higher than the
                                            previous year.

                                                               20187/19         2019/20          2020/21
                                             Rent collected    101%             101.4%           101.8%

                                            It should be noted that during Covid lock-down, the government imposed
                                            a court possession ban, which remained in place until 31 May 2021.
                                            Income for this period has been achieved without relying on court orders
                                            and possession, which is reflected in our end of year income performance
                                            figures for 2020/21.

                         83%                TENANTS WITH A CLEAR RENT

                      tenants have          ACCOUNT
                                            The majority of our tenants have managed to keep on top of their rent
             NO ARREARS                     payments. The rent arrears at the end of the financial year totalled

                                            The table below shows how many evictions we had to make compared
                                            with previous years. Due to Covid restrictions, the amount of evictions has
                                            significantly reduced.

                                                               2018/19          2019/20          2020/21
                                             No. of evictions  38               43               1

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