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RESIDENT INVOLVEMENT                      Annual report for customers
                                            & EMPOWERMENT STANDARD                                     2020/2021

                                            CARE AND SUPPORT SERVICES

                     100%                   REGULATORY COMPLIANCE

                Choices care rated          We have 15 registered services; 14 rated as Good and one Outstanding,
                                            awarded by the Care Quality Commission.
                   GOOD                     A comparison of performance indicates that our care services are operating
                                            within the higher levels of national performance. Only 3% of registered care
                         or higher          homes and 4% of domiciliary services and nursing homes are rated as

                          793               SUPPORT SERVICE ACHIEVEMENTS

                                            a support need. The team look at health and wellbeing to equip
                   people received          Our Support and Enablement Service is for tenants over 55 with   COVID-19
                     SUPPORT                tenants with the skills they need to maintain their tenancy. This could
                                            be providing basic skills like cooking or cleaning, or activities to help
                                            improve their confidence.
                                            Click here to read the full Sheltered Housing Support outcomes report.

                                             % service users achieving their goals           2019/20    2020/21
                                             Living independently                            98%        98%
                                             Being healthy                                   96%        96%
                                             Living as part of a community                   100%       99%
                                             Accessing assistive technology                   99%       100%
                                             Achieving other personal goals                   100%      100%

            £478,070                        Alongside our able living team, the support and enablement team also

                          spent on          assess people for minor aids and adaptations; this enables tenants to stay
                                            independent in their homes for longer and prevent unnecessary hospital
               ADAPTIONS                    admissions. In 2020/21 we made 396 minor adaptions including things like
                                            rails, ramps and lever taps. We also made 87 major adaptions including
                                            bathroom conversions and wheel chair adaptations.

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