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Annual report for customers
                                            HOME STANDARD                                              2020/2021

                                            REPAIRING HOMES
                  43,642                    83.3% of responsive repairs were completed on the same day that they
                      REPAIRS               were reported. Our customers told us that 88.2% of repairs were done

                        carried out         right first time.
                                            IMPROVING HOMES
                £7.08m                      We spent £11.3m improving existing homes. The number of
                                            improvements reduced last year due to the three month delay    Budgets &
                          spent on          caused by Covid restrictions. 99.67% of customers were happy   spending
                      REPAIRS               with improvements they received to their homes. Amongst other
                                            things we fitted:

                    95.6%                       158 New bathrooms
                                                262 New kitchens
                            Overall             123 New roofs
                 CUSTOMER                       631 New heating upgrades

           SATISFACTION                         237 Homes with new windows
           with our repairs service           1,206 Wiring upgrades
                                                164 New doors

                     100%                   KEEPING HOMES SAFE

                         completed          We spent £4.5m keeping homes safe by carrying out gas          Read more
                                            safety checks, rewiring, electrical tests, asbestos removal and
               GAS SAFETY                   management and fire safety upgrades.

                      CHECKS                100% of our properties met the Decent Homes Standard.
                          366               BUILDING NEW HOMES

              NEW HOMES                     We invested £37.29m developing new homes. 277 new builds       Read more
                                            were completed and another 366 new homes were started. Our
                         developed          development programme created 37 apprenticeships in the
                                            construction industry and in the wider economy.

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