Making a Difference
to people's lives

Alan Hawkesworth

Board Member

Alan is a qualified accountant and has spent most of his working life in Shropshire and the West Midlands, working for local authorities, building societies and in higher education. He has recently retired from working at Aston University where he specialised in strategic risk management. He has previously been a non-executive director for another large West Midlands based housing association and has considerable experience of governance having chaired various Audit and other board committees within the different areas he has worked. He is also a Non-executive director of Resolve College Ltd, which delivers online training for apprentices to a large number of police, local authorities and social landlords in the area of ways to professionally mange crime and anti-social behaviour.

He has extensive operational and strategic experience in accounting, finance, people, investment, insurance and audit services, and how these apply in a variety of industries and regulated bodies. Alan, due to the extensive nature of his career, has had wide managerial experiences from many varied situations the benefit of which he is able to bring to this position.