Making a Difference
to people's lives

Social Value and Inclusion

Social value is embedded in everything we do across The Wrekin Housing Group.

Social value is one of our core strategic priorities and is at the heart of everything we do at Wrekin, as we make a difference to people’s lives across Telford and Wrekin, Shropshire and Staffordshire.

Our social value focuses around the following themes: Employment, training and skills; Financial and social inclusion; Health and wellbeing; Safer and more resilient communities; Environmental sustainability. As part of this work, we have produced a Social Value Strategy for 2021 - 2025.

Our Social Value reports seek to tell the story of how Wrekin, and the social value we generate, positively impacts wellbeing and helps build resilience for individuals and across communities. For us, social value is how we improve opportunities for everyone: for customers, service users, employees and communities. We also take into account the wider economic, social and environmental impact of our actions.

Social Value Reports

2020 - 2021 Social value report

2019 - 2020 Social value report

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

EDI Strategy Consultation Flyer Page 1 EDI Strategy Consultation Flyer Page 2

At Wrekin we believe in equality, diversity and inclusion. We are committed to creating a more inclusive and supportive community. Our vision is making a difference to people’s lives. Our equality, diversity and inclusion strategy will help us to achieve this.

We are currently consulting on our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy. Download our EDI Strategy Proposal Draft here.

Everyone has a part to play in developing the future and we would love to know your views. Download our EDI Strategy Consultation Flyer here.