Making a Difference
to people's lives


If a Group property doesn't meet your physical or sensory needs, we offer our adaptations service to give you peace of mind, reassurance and security, whilst also letting you live independently in your home for longer. We will work with you and other agencies to offer support and advice.

What is an adaptation?
An adaptation is a change to your home that helps you to live more easily and independently on a day-to-day basis. We will fund minor adaptations costing up to £1,000 for all Group properties and will use our own in-house trades team to carry out the work.

Minor adaptations include:

  • Grab-bars
  • Stair-rails
  • Drop-down rails
  • Lever taps
  • Half-steps
  • Modular ramping
  • Temporary metal ramping

Major adaptations
All requests for major adaptations come via the Local Authorities Occupational Therapist Service.

Major adaptations include
Level access showers
Large ramps
Room extensions

However, it is not always possible for changes to be made to everyone's home. If we cannot adapt your home the Adaptations Team will discuss housing options with you to help you to find a home more suited to your needs.

Additional Services

What we offer:

  • An 'assisted move' scheme for those who need to move urgently. This includes a packing and removal service and support to move.
  • If you are over 55 you can apply to move into a Wrekin Retirement Living property or our Parkwood Extra Care Scheme.
  • If you are over 55 you can also apply to move to into a ShireLiving property.
  • If you wish to remain in your home, we can also discuss the WATCH Alarm Service with you. Our WATCH Alarm Service provides assistive technology including pendant alarms, key safes and a 24-hour monitoring and response service across the community.

Find out more information on our WATCH Alarm Service or call 01952 217151 for a free home demonstration.

Hospital Discharge
If you are returning home from hospital and require minor adaptations to you home, or any of our additional services, please contact us to arrange a meeting for the date you are due to arrive home

Fire Service
The Group works in partnership with Shropshire Fire and Rescue Service to minimise the risk of fires occurring in the home. We carry out joint visits to our most vulnerable tenants, giving advice and assistance; checking smoke detectors are in working order and discussing exit plans if there was a fire in your home. This practical help and advice can save lives. If you are concerned about fire safety, for you or a vulnerable person, please contact the Adaptations Team on 01952 217128.

The Adaptations Team works in partnership with other organisations such as:

  • Local Authority Occupational Therapists (OT)
  • The Local Authority's Home Improvement Agency (HIA)
  • The Independent Living Centre (ILC)
  • NHS
  • Home from Hospital
  • Red Cross
  • Age UK
  • Falls Prevention Clinics
  • Enablement Team
  • Health and Wellbeing Clinic
  • Shropshire Fire and Rescue
  • Royal Voluntary service
  • Adult Social Care
  • Housing representation on Adult and Safeguarding Boards
  • Support Services
  • Watch Alarms

It is essential that we are able to respond quickly to adaptation requests. We offer a same day response for minor works, but major work is generally more complex and will require a home visit to ensure that we are aware of all of your housing needs. We will also check if we are able to offer you any additional services that we feel you may benefit from.

Contact Us
If you have any further queries or would like to apply for an adaptation please get in touch with the Adaptations Team:

Call: 01952 217128
Write to: Adaptations Team, Old Park, Colliers Way, Telford, TF3 4AW.