Making a Difference
to people's lives

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

The Wrekin Housing Group is committed to promoting equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI).

Our vision is making a difference to people’s lives and we believe that everyone has the right to live and work without fear or prejudice; that everyone should be enabled to make a positive contribution to society in their own unique way, in communities where they feel safe, where they belong and where difference and diversity is respected, valued and celebrated. We recognise, understand and value difference and take deliberate action to create an environment and culture where everyone feels included.

At Wrekin, we believe:

  • In a fair future for everyone;
  • In providing safe communities where difference and diversity is respected, valued and celebrated;
  • Everyone has the right to live and work without fear and prejudice.

We will achieve these commitments by:

  • Developing knowledge and awareness of our staff;
  • Reviewing and revising our recruitment processes and policies;
  • Embedding equality, diversity and inclusion messaging across all communications, internally and externally;
  • Improving our website;
  • Increasing opportunities for working across our communities and building partnerships;
  • Capturing, measuring and monitoring progress;
  • Supporting and encouraging staff networks such as the Wrekin Allies (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion group), Proud to be Me (LGBTQ+ Staff Liasion group), Disability Positive.

We want our workforce to reflect the diversity of the communities we serve and we’re committed to being a truly inclusive employer, a place where people thrive and your voice is always heard.

For further information on our commitment to EDI, please see our EDI Strategy 2022-2025.

If you have any queries or comments on this strategy, or on equality and diversity in general then please email