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Tenants' Handbook

Our guide to your tenancy

Allocations and Lettings

Allocations and Lettings

Find out what's available to you, including your right to acquire, buying your home and moving in to your new home. If you are in need of some extra storage, there are garages available to rent in Telford and the surrounding areas.

Anti-social behaviour

Antisocial behaviour

Being a good neighbour is a part of your tenancy. The action of a few can affect the quality of life and here you will find useful information on what is considered to be antisocial behaviour, useful terms and guidance on what to do if you have a concern.

Home Improvements

Home improvements

In this section find out about improvements to your home including roofing, electricals, bathrooms and kitchens. You can also find out about external repairs and painting, frequently asked questions and check if you need permission for home improvements.

Housing Management

Housing management

See what types of tenancies are available and learn about our Homecheck service. The housing management section includes information on home contents insurance, taking in lodgers, tenancy fraud, keeping pets and what to do if you decide to end your tenancy.



We pride ourselves that we have the best customers in the country for paying their rent in good time. You can pay your rent by a number of methods including direct debit, the payments line and via the customer portal.

Repairs and Gas

Repairs and gas

Find out about routine repairs, how to report a repair and see some of the common repairs and queries. There is information on what to do in cold weather, water hygiene and fire safety.

The following Tenancy documents are available to download: