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Annual accounts

Annual accounts for The Wrekin Housing Group and Choices Housing Association.


Summary 2019/2020

The Group made a deficit for the year of £41.910m. During the year the Group undertook a major refinancing exercise which involved the payment of £52.067m of breakage costs to cancel some of the fixed rate loans that had been in place for a number of years. The long term benefits of cancelling those fixed rate arrangements outweighed the initial cost as it helped the Group to:

  • Reduce its overall average cost of debt going forward and secure significant reductions in future interest costs
  • Increase the average life of the debt portfolio
  • Put in place new bank and bond finance with a spread of maturity dates, reducing future refinancing risk
  • Secure margins on the new finance that are in line with the current market
  • Put in place a suite of loan covenants that are also in line with the current market
  • Gain increased flexibility with regard to the valuation of its housing stock for security purposes, enabling it to make most efficient use of its property assets
  • Raise additional finance to fund the development plans in its 2020-2025 strategic plan

The underlying result for the year, before taking account of the above breakage costs was a surplus of £10.157m.


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