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New homes FAQs

There are some important things to keep in mind if you're interested in our new build homes. Please watch these short videos to find out more about what happens after you have had your application accepted.

Download the New Homes FAQs PDF here.


The New Homes frequently asked questions are directed at tenants who have already had their application accepted, with information on:

  1. Viewings
  2. Sign ups
  3. Handovers
  4. What to expect in the first 12 months
  5. Additional support

For information on how we let and sell our homes and how to apply for housing please visit: Lettings FAQs.

Please get in touch with your Housing Executive or local housing team for any further questions.

1. Viewings

Please do not to enter the site or pass any barriers, at any time.

  • No-one is permitted to approach or enter the site unless an appointment is booked.
  • Anyone found on-site without an appointment will be asked to leave immediately.
  • This is to ensure the safety of both customers and staff and includes not approaching, or talking to any of the people working on the site.

Who should I speak to about viewing a new build property?

  • Any questions about booking a viewing should be directed to the local housing team or your housing executive.

Who can attend a viewing?

  • Only applicants. No children should attend a property viewing. If you attend a viewing with a child we will rearrange the viewing.
  • You are advised to wear suitable clothing and footwear, if you aren’t sure please check with us first.
  • We will provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) which must be worn during the viewing as you’ll be attending an active building site.

What happens at the viewing?

  • You will be joined by a member of the local housing team and / or your Housing Executive.
  • You will be able to view which plot you have applied for via a site map.
  • You might not view the specific plot to the home you have applied for, but will attend a viewing of a plot of the same specification.
  • This is due to different homes being ready to view before others.

Can I take measurements and photos during the viewing?

  • We recommend taking measurements and photos inside and outside the property during the viewing visit.
  • This is because you won’t be able to gain access again until you have signed up for the property, completed the handover, and received the keys ready for moving in.
  • Along with getting measurements and taking pictures we also advise to take notes of the garden.
  • Usually measurements are taken with the following in mind:
    • Furniture and white goods e.g fridges and freezers, sofas, wardrobes etc
    • Furnishings e.g curtains and blinds
    • Flooring in all rooms – this is because none of our new build properties will come with the floors pre-fitted, and is the responsibility of the tenant.

When will the viewing take place?

  • We try to arrange viewings as far in advance as possible but timescales can vary from site to site.
  • Please be reminded that dates are subject to change, for reasons out of the control of The Wrekin Housing Group.

2. Sign ups

Sign up appointments are for prospective tenants only.

If your application has been accepted for a property, you will be invited to sign all the relevant paperwork before we handover the keys.

You will be advised of the gas and electric supplier at sign up, however you won’t be able to set up an account in your name straight away.

This is because the developer has to transfer the account in to our name first. This process can take 4-6 weeks. Please only contact the supplier after this time, or when you receive a welcome letter from them, inviting you to call to set up an account.

A member of staff from The Wrekin Housing Group will record meter reads at sign up, and provide you with a copy of your opening reads.

Please be aware that you will still be responsible for all bills from the day of sign up, despite the account not being in your name straight away.

How quickly can I move in?

  • Handover dates can and often do change, sometimes on the day but we will work with you to find another suitable date.

Will internet broadband be set up?

  • The broadband in the area might not be set up already, please expect some delays in getting your internet set up or ask your Housing Executive to find out as this will specific to each site location.

How do I register my address?

  • Registering the address is generally completed through the developer.
  • If this has not been done by the time you get your keys, please call the Customer Contact Centre who will redirect you to the development team for assistance.

3. Handovers

At this stage your application has been accepted, you’ve signed all the relevant paperwork and you will be preparing to move in.

There are some important things to keep in mind to make sure everything is set up and working properly to avoid any issues when moving in.

Can I change my energy supplier?

  • You can switch to another supplier if desired but you will need to wait for confirmation that the supply account for the property has been moved from the developer to The Wrekin Housing Group. If you haven’t received a letter from the energy supplier after 4-6 weeks after signing up, please let us know.
  • During the sign-up appointment for your new property you will have been given the details of the energy provider. Please let us know if you need extra help with setting up these accounts.
  • If additional support is needed to manage your household bills please raise any worries or issues with your Housing Executive or Local Area Team.

What is a consumer unit, and how does it work?

  • The consumer unit refers to the electric meter fuse board. If you have a blown fuse, all you need to do is flick the switch back up. You will be shown how to do this at the handover.
  • This shouldn’t be often but if your fuse keeps tripping or specific fuses are being blown, please book a repair to get the electrics checked by one of our repair operatives by calling 01952 217217.
  • Our repairs service runs every day of the year, 24/7.

What is a stop tap, and how does it work?

  • The stop tap is the control tap that turns off all water to the property.
  • It’s important you know where it is in the event of leaks or burst pipes etc.
  • They’re generally found underneath the kitchen sink but your housing executive can assist you during the handover or after you’ve moved in to show you where it is.

What is a thermostat, and how does it work?

  • This device controls the temperature of your central heating system.
  • We recommend keeping your thermostat set to at least 18 degrees during the day with the option to turn up the heat when desired.
  • It is not recommended that tenants turn off their heating all together.
  • Please do not disconnect or switch off the boiler unless advised.
  • If you need support with energy bills, please visit: Support With Your Energy Bills.
  • For helpful advice on how best to heat your home, please visit: Central heating.

What is “‘Fill, Fire & Test’ and how do I book it?

  • Not all properties require a Fill, Fire and Test service.
  • Where appropriate, a member of our Gas Team will attend the property to check the gas supply and appliances, and fix any issues.
  • Your Housing Executive or Local Area Team will let you know if this is required.
  • If required, tenants can book a free “fill, fire and test” appointment with our Gas Team via the Customer Contact Centre by calling 01952 217100.

Where are gas, electric and water meters located?

  • This will differ between each property due to different layouts.
  • In preparation for the handover, your Housing Executive can find out for you.
  • Meter readings will have been provided to you at the sign-up appointment, of which you are responsible for any bills from the first day of your tenancy.
  • If you’re experiencing issues with your gas and electric supply after you move in, please contact the repairs line as soon as possible on 01952 217 217.
  • Our repairs service runs every day of the year, 24/7.

For more information on moving into your new home please visit: Moving into your new home.

4. First 12 months

Who do I contact if I have a repair or any other issues with the property?

  • Download and set up your account on the My Wrekin App to report a repair.
  • Visit: My Wrekin App for our step-by-step how to guide.
  • If you are having issues with the App, we recommend reporting any issues through the repairs line on 01952 217217. Our repairs service runs every day of the year, 24/7.
  • Alternatively, you can contact the local housing team or your housing executive.
  • Please keep in mind that access will need to be given to the property for repairs, this includes any repairs that might be carried out by the developer (subject to repair issue) of which the service hours are Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm.
  • If there is an emergency, the service hours will vary depending on who is dealing with the repair.

How quickly will issues or repairs be processed?

  • We can usually address and fix most issues straight away but please keep in mind it depends on the issue and the development site.
  • For issues that can be dealt with our repairs team, including some defects, we offer a same day repairs service.
  • Other issues might take longer to be resolved depending on who will carry out the work, for example we can’t guarantee a timeframe where subcontractors are involved.

What is the “defect period”?

  • The defect period lasts 12 months and allows time for the property to “settle” after the build is completed.
  • The defect period starts from when The Wrekin Housing Group receives ownership of the property from the developer, and is not to be confused with the handover date.
  • Prior to the end of the defect period, you will be sent a defect survey sheet, which you will need to complete and send back to us, to make us aware of any outstanding issues or defects.
  • After completing the defect survey sheet, a defect inspection will take place with the clerk of works and developer.
  • Any defects identified will be passed over to the developer to rectify.
  • The developer will contact you to arrange an appointment to complete any works for the noted defects.

What visits or appointments can I expect in the first 12 months?

  • You will need to allow access for a minimum of 4 visits during the first 12 months, some of these can be virtual appointments if an in-person visit isn’t needed.
  • This is part of your tenancy management and is separate to any defect or repairs visits.

Can I contact the developers about any issues with my property?

  • Please always report any issues to our repairs team or speak to your housing executive or local housing team.
  • The developers are not responsible for processing defects issues and concerns.

Am I allowed to start decorating e.g put my TV up on the wall, install blinds or curtain rails?

  • Please do not make any alterations to the property without getting permission from us first.
  • Depending on the alteration, it may not be allowed in the first 12 months until after the defect survey has been completed and signed off.
  • This includes avoiding anything big or heavy being on the walls e.g. TVs or shelves.
  • It’s important that you do not add any wallpaper, paint or wall fixtures to the walls as this can interfere with our surveys, as the properties are still drying out and need time to “settle”.

Should I be concerned about cracks in my property?

  • As mentioned in the previous question, during the first 12 months we will need to see where there are any cracks or issues with the walls.
  • Please check with us first before decorating or adding alterations.
  • Any cracks you notice will be addressed during the defect visits.

How should I look after my property?

  • Please make sure to keep the property well ventilated throughout your tenancy, as there is a lot of moisture in the properties for the first 12 months due to the plaster.
  • All modern ventilation systems are completely automated but you will be shown at the handover how to use the trickle vents on windows, and how to use the extractor fans to prevent the conditions for mould.
  • Even if you are ventilating the property well, you should never turn off the isolation switch to the extractor fans.
  • The isolating switches are a requirement of electrical regulations and for contractors to use when testing and for isolating purposes.
  • The fans fitted, have humidity sensors that monitor moisture levels constantly and the fans either run on a trickle or boost feature depending on the conditions.
  • For more information on preventing damp, mould and condensation please visit: Damp and condensation.
  • For more information on how best to heat your home, including energy saving please visit: Central heating.

Can I store things in the loft?

  • Please don’t store any items in loft.
  • For energy efficiency, the roof space is well insulated.
  • Storing items in the loft will compromise the energy efficiency of the insulation and cause it to compress.
  • Compressing the roof insulation can result in fires and / or condensation and damp issues.

Should I be aware of garden and landscape changes?

  • Some landscape maintenance might be ongoing whilst you are moving in.
  • Please be mindful of water logging and how bad weather can affect the landscape of your garden.
  • If you have any problems, please contact your local housing team or repairs team.
  • For futher information and advice on looking after your new turfed lawn, please download our PDF guide - Lawn Care Guide (275 kb)

Some information will differ depending on which home you’ve applied for, please contact the local housing team to find out:

  • If bins will be provided for you
  • Who is responsible for communal areas maintenance e.g grass cutting
  • Any enquires about street lighting, roadworks or communal paving
  • If the property uses ground-source heat pumps and/or solar PV panels as the main energy supply.

Please find further information and advice via our Tenants' Handbook.

5. Additional information and support services

As a Wrekin Housing Group tenant, you’ll have access to additional support services. You can find information on our website or by getting in touch with your Housing Executive or local housing team.

They will have a chat with you about any issues or worries you’re having, and be able to refer you for free support and advice. For more information, please visit: