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Services for Landlords

If you have property to let, our team can help you find tenants and even guarantee your rent in some cases.

If you have property to let, Wrekin can help you find tenants and even guarantee your rent in some cases.
Hundreds of private landlords across Shropshire trust us to manage their leases for them.

We have two levels of service for landlords – our referral service and our lease management service.

Tenant Find
There is a cost to register and includes:
  • Legal advice on Housing Benefit and landlord/tenant law
  • Interviewing, selecting and referring potential tenants
  • Arranging the deposit/bond or rent in advance
  • Negotiating with Housing Benefit about any tenancy issues
The charges for this service begin at 15%, this figure may increase based on a number of factors regarding the property you wish to let, such as location, size and demand for the property type, plus:

  • Guaranteed rental income for the lease period, whether occupied or not
  • Preparing a tenancy agreement
  • Full management of your tenancy including inventory of property, ensuring the rent is paid and handling any problems that arise
  • Re-letting the property at the end of the tenancy
How the service works
Our agreements currently run for 12 months. We find a suitable tenant and give them a 6 month assured shorthold tenancy. If they prove to be good tenants we offer them a further 6 month tenancy, which can be extended.
This service has proved popular with local landlords, but more so with landlords based outside Shropshire, who value our ‘keeping an eye’ on the property. To find out more, contact us on 01743 341900.