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£20,000 grant in support of 20 organisations

From luncheon clubs to a summer fun fair, and counselling services to teaching cooking skills, thousands of people have been benefitting from a £20,000 grant awarded by The Wrekin Housing Group.

Pictured: Sal Hampson and James Stanley

As part of its commitment to invest in local communities, the Group has this year donated £20,000, which has been shared equally amongst 20 charities, voluntary groups and not-for-profit-organisations located throughout Shropshire, Staffordshire and the Black Country.

Among the recipients was Shrewsbury-based arts charity, The Hive. It used the grant to fund two professional musicians to deliver three “tech to tune” creative sessions, which engaged young people with special educational needs in activities, by mixing science technology, music and creativity.

The sessions were run at Queensway South School and Southall School, both in Dawley, Telford.

Sal Hampson, programme and projects manager at The Hive, said: “We really appreciated the awarding of this grant, which supported the delivery of our Tuned In (Arts Council) project.

“At the Southall School, the sessions were attended by 18 young people, aged 13 – 16 and included novel ideas of how to trigger sounds and what sounds they'd be triggering. These included a rabbit drawing with conductive tap for its nose, so that when you touched the nose and held the earth wires it barked! One of the other sounds they wanted to use was a pirate type voice triggered by touching a drawing of a treasure chest with conductive tape attached.”

Nick Taylor, a teacher at Queensway South School, added: “The musicians were extremely warm and welcoming. Both were fantastic in adapting their approach to meet the additional needs of our learners. Our learners gained valuable music making, team building, social interaction and self-awareness skills whilst accessing the full Tech to Tune programme. We as a school will be booking the project again in the very near future.”

Dona Guy, from the Wrekin Housing Group, said: “The Group has always had a strong commitment to supporting local communities. I feel very proud that through these 20 grants of £1,000 each, we have been able to support these diverse organisations deliver services to thousands of people.”

Below is the full list of recipients and brief details of what the funding was used for:

West Mercia Police Cadets

The funding was used to purchase gardening products so that when cadets visit a retirement living scheme they can work alongside the residents in the communal garden.

The Shrewsbury Ark

The funding went towards keeping the project open and running.

Telford West Indian Association

The funding was granted to re-start the Over 50 Luncheon Club, which provides a three-course meal once a month.

Anstice Community Trust

The funding contributed to an ongoing campaign to raise money for the refurbishment of the main hall that is used as a social hub.

Challenging Perceptions

The charity provides mental health support to 14-24-year-olds and the funding is for the Active Minds peer support group, which aims to reduce isolation, in terms of room hire and session materials, such as craft material, cooking equipment, and ingredients.

Kasapa Media CIC

The funding contributed towards the Kasapa family summer fun fair, an annual event by Kasapa radio. It helps with the integration of the African community by promoting both African and English culture.

Horsehay Bowls Club

Funding supported the upkeep of the greens, reducing the costs for members and encouraging more people to play the sport.

Old Park School

Funding contributed to a project to reclaim a neglected and overgrown space for the use of an educational and fun garden for the school, as well as create a vegetable and fruit patch.

Darwin Community Centre

Funding contributed to redecorating and replacing toilets and flooring at the volunteer-run centre.

Broseley Festival

Funding contributed towards a two-day free music event, which attracts thousands of visitors to the town.

Crane Quality Counselling

Funding supported a counselling project for pupils aged 11-16 at a Shrewsbury secondary school, which offered a number of weekly appointments.

Telford Crisis Support

Funding paid for emergency food supplies for vulnerable people in Telford & Wrekin.

Hadley First Friday Feast

Funding supported a project to teach cooking skills to men over 50.

Tibberton Netball club

Supported the senior team’s accommodation and travel costs during a national competition in Hull.

Telford Drive

This organisation works with young people in a Motor Vehicle training centre. Introducing them to a work environment and challenging their previous attitudes and behaviour, enabling them to return to mainstream education, training places or employment. They also provide volunteer opportunities for the unemployed adults.

Funding contributed to replacing and updating equipment at the organisation’s training centre, which provides a safe, welcoming and supportive environment for people aged 13+ to learn about engineering, welding, motorcycle and vehicle maintenance.

Shropshire Rural Community Charity

Funding supports volunteers to deliver a peer support service to people with hearing loss in Telford & Wrekin.

Telford Gateway Club

Funding contributed to the hire of a coach to take people with learning difficulties on a holiday to Blackpool.


Funding used to help promote the Citizen Advice Bureau’s 80th birthday celebration, which coupled with a volunteer recruitment fair.

Meeting Point Trust

Funding required for replacement of flooring in the reception area of Meeting Point House, which is home to nine local charities and a community café.

18th November 2019