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COVID-19 How to stay gas safe

At Wrekin we have a duty to ensure your gas appliances, gas pipework, flues and boilers are in a safe condition to use. To do this we carry out an annual gas safety check at your home and keep records of each check.

It is for this reason that we are continuing to undertake our gas servicing.

You may find that we contact you to arrange a service earlier than normal. This is so that we can make sure your annual service is still completed, for example if you have to self-isolate for a period of time or if there are less gas engineers working than normal.

How will this work with social distancing?

Our engineers will keep their distance from you and you will not be required to sign any paperwork. Before our engineer visits it would be helpful if you clear the area around your boiler. Please wait in another room while we do the work and once finished all surfaces will be wiped clean.

I’m self-isolating because I’m in a vulnerable group, what will happen?

If you are unable to allow us access to your home because you are self-isolating for a longer period of time, we will leave you with a Carbon Monoxide detector. This is a temporary measure and it’s important that we undertake the service as soon as possible. To comply with the law we will have to demonstrate that we have tried to arrange your service.

If you suspect a gas or carbon monoxide leak, isolate and switch off all of your gas appliances and call the emergency service provider on 0800 111 999.

24th March 2020