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Destigmatising debt

This week is Debt awareness week and this year’s theme is destigmatising debt.

The debt charity Step Change want to remove the stigma associated with debt issues and make it easier for people to ask for help. By doing this and talking openly around money people will feel more able to take their first steps towards being debt free without feeling judged or embarrassed.

This year has seen many challenges and a change in income may be something that you are having to adapt to. If money is causing you to worry it’s a good idea to talk with someone you trust and you can find advice about where to start on the Step Change website.

We also offer our customers free, confidential, regulated and impartial debt advice through our own debt advice service and our advisors will never judge you.

This is what one of our customers says, “I always found debt to be a very personal issue and embarrassing to talk about. Taking the first steps towards debt advice was very difficult for me but I'm so glad I did. My advisor is easy to speak to and non-judgmental. Being able to share the burden lifted a huge weight off my shoulders and the advice received has helped me out immensely. I know they are only a message or phone call away if I need advice.”

If you would like to make an appointment you can call our Debt advisor on 01952 217251 or email You can also download our Debt Advice Leaflet (PDF 119kb) for more information.

25th March 2021