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Families move in to new homes in Madeley

A dilapidated former training centre has been demolished to build five new affordable homes for families in Madeley, Telford.

The two-bedroomed properties are on the site of the former Wendover House, which has been used as a training centre by the Wrekin Housing Trust since 2004. Last year the Trust secured planning permission to demolish the large detached property and build the houses, which have been snapped up by new tenants. More than £600,000 has been invested in the development with the Trust putting £512,685 into the scheme and Homes England contributing a grant of £124,515.

Among the first to move into one of the houses was Jordan Westwood, along with her three-year-old daughter Letty-Mai. Jordan lived in a flat in Sutton Hill but wanted a property with a garden so her daughter could play outdoors. “I liked my old flat, but I wanted a garden for my little girl as she has so much energy it is good for her to have a run-around outside and play on the trampoline,” said Jordan, 24, who works part-time as a cleaner.

Jordan Westwood with her three-year-old daughter Letty-Mai outside their new home

“The house is in a lovely area and there is plenty of space for me and my daughter - she likes being in a house rather than a flat and enjoys the novelty of having an upstairs and downstairs to explore. Another problem we had with our previous property is that it had underfloor heating, which was so expensive to switch on, whereas the new house is well insulated and it doesn’t cost much to heat.”

John Barber, who works as a housing executive for The Wrekin Housing Trust, said Wendover House was structurally unsound and needed demolishing. “Wendover House was lived in until 2004 when it became a training centre for Trust apprentices and tradesmen to practice their skills. The centre was also used by Travis Perkins, which donated materials and worked with the Trust to provide training days for tenants to come along and learn new skills including wallpapering, plastering and general DIY.

“However, the property became structurally unsound and last year we received planning permission to demolish the building, and create five new homes. The affordable rent houses have proved to be very popular, it is great to see the families moving into their new homes.”

14th February 2018