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Keeping active in your home

It's good to use movement and activity as a way of breaking up your routine. It also has benefits for your physical and mental health.

There are plenty of resources available to help you to exercise in and around the home.

A number of gyms are running online classes, but we’ve selected some of our favourite workouts that you can do. Some can be done sitting down and some require a bit more floor space.

Firstly, this series of sitting exercises is a great way of staying fit if you are unable to stand, or for people who are working at home and at their desk.

These ten minute workouts can really help you to stay active without the need for any equipment whatsoever.

There’s a few more ten-minute workouts here, some a little more intense than others!

Sport England have plenty of useful ideas too, as part of their #StayInWorkOut campaign.

For kids (and big kids at heart), Joe Wicks is running daily PE lessons – they’re all available for free on his YouTube channel.

And, of course, if you are still able to get out for a walk then do so! Stay local, don’t make unnecessary journeys to get to your walk, and maintain social distancing throughout your walk – leaving at least two metres (three steps) between you and anybody else.

16th April 2020