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Money Matters: Support available to veterans

In this week’s Money Matters column, Wrekin’s Debt and Energy Manager Dan Bebbington gives an insight into some of the support available for armed forces personnel and veterans, as well as those who have worked in other sectors.

Many armed forces veterans and those still serving can find themselves in need of support for one reason of another.

They could be impacted by physical or mental health conditions as a result of their service, be struggling to adjust to civilian life, or need help accessing work and/or benefits.

Whatever the problem, there is help out there if you ask for it.

A military background can open the door to specialist support and financial assistance, which you could be entitled to alongside any other more general support.

This could be in the form of a charity grant to help with living costs or clear any debt, or help with other aspects of life such as housing or mental health.

You may also be entitled to benefits, especially if you have a disability, or a physical or mental health condition, as a result of your service.

Additionally, there are a number of money saving schemes designed to help the armed forces community, such as the Forces Railcard and Defence Discount Service, which can save you money on things like travel and shopping.

What some people don’t realise is that you don’t need to have served in the armed forces yourself to access some of this support. Many charities also offer help to veterans’ partners, spouses, widows, children, and even ex-partners.

It’s also important to note that it’s not just armed service personnel and veterans who can access tailored help.

There is an extensive list of charities out there providing financial assistance and other help to people who have worked in a range of sectors. Just some of them include farming, the media, nursing, hospitality, retail, care, the Civil Service and teaching.

There are also a range of charities and organisations which offer support to people with certain health conditions, followers of various religions, and those who are carers or care leavers.

As you can see, there could be a whole host of support open to you based on your specific circumstances – so if you’re struggling, don’t suffer in silence.

To find out more, use the benefits calculator and grants search at to see what you could be eligible for.

Wrekin Housing Group customers can also contact our Money Matters team, so that we can assess what benefits and charity support could be open to you and help you apply.

7th May 2024