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New campaign aims to spot the signs of hidden harm

We have launched a new safeguarding awareness campaign to help staff spot the signs of hidden harm.

The ‘See Something, Say Something’ campaign aims to highlight the important role Wrekin staff have in helping to protect those members of our communities who may be at risk of neglect, modern day slavery and financial, domestic or child abuse.

All Wrekin employees are receiving safeguarding training to help them recognise the signs of abuse. Any concerns are immediately looked at by Wrekin’s trained Safeguarding Leads and appropriate action is taken.

Employees from across the group have been getting involved and spreading the message. Staff have also been provided with resources to help them spot the signs of hidden harm.

Vicky Andrews Support and Enablement Services Manager for Wrekin explains; “The beauty of the campaign is its simplicity. Everyone is asked to take responsibility and report anything which doesn’t feel right through a simple concerns alert system. Colleagues carry a See Something Say Something card with them that highlights some common issues they may come across. However, there is also an impetus on trusting an instinct that something is wrong and acting on that. In the end, what seems like a small observation may well be the missing piece in a bigger picture.”

22nd November 2021