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Publication of the self-assessment against the Housing Ombudsman's Complaints Handling Code

The Housing Ombudsman has unveiled a new ‘Complaint Handling Code’. The purpose of the code is to enable the swift resolution of complaints, providing clarity for customers and the opportunity to learn for landlords.

The code also promotes the need for proactive communication about the complaints service offered and easy access for customers, as well as the fair, timely management of complaints that focusses on a resolution for the customer.

At Wrekin, we welcome the new Complaints Handling Code and have carried out a self-assessment against the code as requested by the Housing Ombudsman. We are proud to say that we are already complying with the code in most areas and in many cases our complaints service is already being delivered to a higher standard than required in the code, particularly in the speed of response. There are also some areas for us to improve.

Our aim is to provide an excellent service to our customers at all times, but sometimes despite our best efforts, occasionally things can and do go wrong and if they do we want to put it right, as soon as we can, to our customers satisfaction.

If something goes wrong and you want us to do something about it, even if it’s just an apology, please let us know. In the same way, if you think we have done a great job, we’d like to know that as well, so we can pass this on to the people who’ve delivered that service.

The code sets out requirements for member landlords that will ensure that complaint handling is consistent across all of the landlord members which includes Housing Associations, Local Authorities and Arm’s Length Management Organisations (ALMOs).

The code is also a guide for residents setting out what they can and should expect from their landlord when they complain.

View the Housing Ombudsman Complaints Handling Code here

See our Self-Assessment against the code here

Feedback Welcome

We would also welcome any feedback you may have on our self-assessment, you can do this by taking part in our survey (open until 28 February 2021), by emailing or by telephoning 01952 217100.

If you ever need to raise a complaint with us, or share a compliment, you can do so via the email address quoted or by telephoning 01952 217100. Further details are also on our complaints page.

18th December 2020