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Raising awareness for Dementia Action Week

The Wrekin Housing Group has been working in partnership with Alzheimer’s Society to help raise awareness of dementia.

Drop-in sessions took place during Dementia Action Week at four ShireLiving schemes across Staffordshire and Wolverhampton.

Dementia is a general term for loss of memory, problems with speaking, judgment and understanding and other thinking abilities that are severe enough to interfere with daily life.

This year’s Dementia Action Week looked at the importance of early diagnosis and how it helps to plan ahead before the condition progresses.

Roma Miller, Future Planning Officer from Alzheimer’s Society said: “We want to take away barriers and for people to talk about concerns with memory. It’s not all doom and gloom because there’s actually quite a few years ahead after a diagnosis. What we want to do is to make sure people live well and carry on as they have but know that the support is there. A number of people have come to speak to us today, people who have had concerns about their memory so we have been able to give them leaflets and refer them on to the Alzheimer’s society.”

Teresa Tudor, Area Manager for the Wrekin Housing Group said: “We’re delighted to be joined by the Alzheimer’s Society this week. To raise awareness and understanding on why someone might be behaving in a certain way to our tenants is really important. We’ve had quite a few tenants come over with concerns about their partners or themselves saying their memory isn’t as sharp as it used to be. There are many other reasons why this could be but it helps to be aware. Roma and the team have also talked to staff members about the digital legacy, power of attorney, wills, funeral planning, etc. Awkward conversations that need to be had but encouraging people do them while they have capacity because otherwise your wishes aren’t known.

Bespoke awareness training for Wrekin Housing Group Care and Support teams has also been delivered this week with further training planned for later in the year.

Roma added: “The staff have been really engaging and the feedback has been really good. The provisions that ShireLiving make allow people to live a good level of independence for a much longer period of time. Their wellbeing is raised because they have company and activities and that’s stimulation. For some one living at home alone, having different carers can add to their anxiety and confusion but if they are in an environment such as an independent living scheme they are aware of those around them as dementia progresses. There is less stress and they are encouraged to join activities.”

19th May 2023