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Tenant Satisfaction Measures - Our Response

The Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) are asking landlords like us to work with residents and colleagues to provide feedback on the introduction of new tenant satisfaction measures.

The measures would enable you – our customers - to hold us to account, and allow our regulator to ensure that we are delivering the services you want. You can read more about the regulator’s proposed measures here.

Over 1200 of you had your say on the measures, with your feedback helping shape our response to the regulator.

Summary of our response

We welcome the introduction of the tenant satisfaction measures, as we believe they will give residents a greater say, and also ensure there is greater accountability for landlords across the sector.

However, we’ve suggested some improvements that will help ensure tenants voices are truly heard. We’ve put together a brief video highlighting some of the key points we’ve raised:

Read our full response to the Tenancy Satisfaction Measures here.

Help shape Government policy

The Government has launched its Social Housing Quality Resident Panel, bringing together tenants from across England to share their views with the Government on their approach to driving up the quality of social housing.

Any resident can apply – the closing date for applications is Friday 29 April.

More details, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions, can be found on the Government’s website:

13th April 2022