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The Robins’ new nest at Powis Place

Robyn and Robin Cooper are feeling decidedly chirpy after moving into their ‘nest’ and being among the first tenants on a new development of affordable housing in Telford.

The couple moved with their two-year-old daughter, Freya, and say they are thrilled with the two-bedroom house on Powis Place in Dawley Bank. Developed by The Wrekin Housing Trust following the demolition of three blocks of flats, Powis Place currently consists of six properties, with a further 13 due to be built.

Robyn said she is excited about returning to Dawley Bank as she used to spend her weekends there visiting her Dad, who now lives over the road from her new home. “It is amazing to be able to see my dad’s house and my old bedroom window from our new home,” she said.

“I grew up around Dawley Bank, visiting at the weekends while spending the week in Woodside with my mum. I’ve got some great childhood memories of this area and it’s nice to know that my daughter is going to grow up with that as well, and get to know the children of my friends.”

Robyn, who worked for Vets 4 Pets on the Wrekin Retail Park before leaving to have Freya, added: “I love that Freya has a bigger bedroom and that we have patio doors that lead off the main room into the sunny back garden.

“The new house is close to shops and it is easy to get to the town centre – it couldn’t be more perfect for us and it is really nice to move to a new build home and yet see people in the street that I’ve known for years.”

Because of their names, Robyn and Robin, who works at the Princess Royal Hospital as a medical engineer, have always playfully referred to their homes as their nest.

“It was actually having the same name which brought us together,” explained Robin. “We were both students at Rodbaston College in Staffordshire 10 years ago and we were both delighted to meet someone with the same name. From there on we became really good friends and ended up going on a date and have been together since.”

Here's Robin and Robyn with their daughter Freya and Dawley area Manager, Jo Hall and Alan Mason from the Trust.
Robyn and Robin Powis Place

20th August 2018