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Things to do - face coverings

From Friday 24 July face coverings will need to be worn in shops, or you may risk facing a fine of up to £100.

In this weeks ‘Things to Do’ item, our Comms Team would like to share some ideas for making your own face covering.

If you would like to make your face covering with a favourite colour or design, they can be made at home from fabric. The BBC has a simple guide with three different options for face coverings that can be made. The first can be made without the need for sewing, the second making use of old t-shirts and the third can be from fabric and hand sewn.

Hobbycraft have two designs on their website for face coverings, which can be sewn and customised to your own choice of colour and fabric.

Hobbycraft - how to make a face covering

Hobbycraft - how to make a shaped face covering

There is also a handy guide to making a face covering on Youtube. This short video lasts around 5 minutes and shows a mask being made which includes a filter.

If you want to buy a face mask or covering, they are on sale in retail outlets including supermarkets or online via companies such as Amazon.

17th July 2020