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Things to do - keeping active indoors or outdoors

Missing the Olympics?

This Friday would have seen the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Japan. The games have been postponed and we hope to see them return next year. The BBC have been showing highlights from previous Olympic Games and if this has inspired you, here’s some ideas from our communications team for getting active:

Hold your own mini Olympics

We’ve got a few mini game ideas that the whole family can enjoy, all you need is a few household items; a timer, a tape measure, some paper, and some competitive spirit.

The games:

  • Who can be the fastest person to get a glass of water and stop the timer?
  • If you have multiple people on hand you can try the ‘straw challenge’ - one person will fill a glass with water while another person uses a straw and tries to drink the water as it fills the glass – how long can you last before the glass overflows?
  • If you have a tape measure try the ‘social distance challenge’ - without looking at the tape measure try and stop it when you think you have reached 2 metres
  • Place a fork on one end of the table and try and be the first person to roll a coin and get it caught in the fork
  • Toilet paper bowling using recycled bottles as pins
  • Paper aeroplane challenge, whose plane can fly the furthest?
  • The FaceTime challenge – the aim of the game is to call a friend or relative not involved in the game and see how long it takes for them to pick up the phone, not only a fun competition but another reason to get in touch with someone

Exercising inside or outside

Movement and activity has lots of health benefits including a reduced risk of illness and it is a great way to break up your daily routine

The NHS has lots of fitness programmes to try including this plan to build strength and flexibility. There are also some ten minute workouts for those short on time, or its popular Couch to 5k programme. If you fancy giving running a go the NHS website offers a week by week guide which gradually builds up to running 5k.

24th July 2020