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Things to do this weekend - Social Distance Olympics

While we are all staying alert, protecting the NHS and saving lives, our Communications team would like to share some free activities for this bank holiday weekend, that you can do without leaving home.

As you know the Olympics were supposed to take place this summer in Tokyo but since there is now extra time and more training to be squeezed in why not have your own Social Distance Olympics? We’re not suggesting that you have to high jump over your fences or sprint in circles in your garden, there are plenty more ways test your skills with your own ‘at home’ Olympics.

We’ve got a few mini game ideas that the whole family can enjoy, all you need is a few household items; a timer, a tape measure, some paper, and some competitive spirit.

The games:

  • Who can be the fastest person to get a glass of water and stop the timer?
  • If you have multiple people on hand you can try the ‘straw challenge’ - one person will fill a glass with water while another person uses a straw and tries to drink the water as it fills the glass – how long can you last before the glass overflows?
  • See who can slide the furthest using thick socks and a hard floor
  • If you have a tape measure try the ‘social distance challenge’ - without looking at the tape measure try and stop it when you think you have reached 2 metres
  • Place a fork on one end of the table and try and be the first person to roll a coin and get it caught in the fork
  • A frozen pea race – use a straw to blow your pea across the finish line in the quickest time
  • Toilet paper bowling using recycled bottles as pins
  • Paper aeroplane challenge, whose plane can fly the furthest?
  • The FaceTime challenge – the aim of the game is to call a friend or relative not involved in the game and see how long it takes for them to pick up the phone, not only a fun competition but another reason to get in touch with someone

There are loads of different games you can do from the comfort of your home but if you need any more inspiration check out how this dad made ‘at-home’ Olympic challenges for his kids.

You can do these games with whoever is in your household or you can get everyone involved on Zoom or however you keep in touch. You can also incorporate more digital challenges and competitions. You can try a virtual escape room, or you can download the ‘Heads Up’ app while it’s free.

The Olympics are now set to start 23 July 2021 where we can all cheer on team GB, but for now stay safe, wash your hands, and play fair.

22nd May 2020