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Things to do this weekend with our expert BBC Shropshire's Carl Jones

In our latest edition of the ask the expert series, we asked BBC Radio Shropshire's Carl Jones to recommend some films that are on TV this weekend.

It’s been very strange for me, not being able to go to the cinema – but there is at least one silver lining.

Broadcasters have been pulling out all the stops to make sure we are well stocked with some terrific movies on our TV screens to help us through lockdown.

Here are five top choices I’ve picked out for free-to-air home viewing this weekend . . . something in here for all the family, I hope.

FROZEN: (BBC1, 6.20pm Saturday)

Disney’s animated magic at its absolute best here with the enchanting story of a princess struggling to come to terms with her magical, and potentially dangerous powers. It’s a winning blend of terrific vocal performances from Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel, a scene-stealing snowman called Olaf, and killer earworm tunes like ‘Let It Go’ which have tortured many a parent for the past seven years!

SOME LIKE IT HOT (BBC2, 3.40pm Saturday)

This 1959 classic is one of the best film comedies of all time. Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis are two male musicians whose lives are in danger after they witness a gangland shooting. Their solution? Trying to escape by donning drag and hiding out in an all-girl touring music band. The chemistry between the stars – also including Marilyn Monroe – is absolutely delicious. Hilarious.


JK Rowling has announced this week that she’s going to be publishing her latest work free to help youngsters through lockdown. Meanwhile, this is the prequel to the Harry Potter stories, with Eddie Redmayne as zoologist Newt Scamander, racing around New York trying to scoop up escaped creatures. It takes a little while to get going, and is quite dark in places – so maybe not best for the very youngest viewers – but Eddie Redmayne is awkwardly charming.

JAWS (ITV4, 9pm Sunday)

Daaa Da… Daaa Da… from the very moment John Williams’ genius soundtrack kicks into action, you know you are watching a classic. It may be 45 years old now, and the mechanical shark leaves a lot to be desired next to today’s effects, but this is still a triumphant example of cinematic thrills and tension, as Roy Scheider’s lifeguard tries to stop a great white shark from feasting on tourists. I can watch this over, and over again.

THE SIMPSONS MOVIE (Film 4, 7.15pm Sunday)

D’oh - Homer has deliberately polluted the town's water supply, meaning Springfield is encased in a gigantic dome by the environmental protection agency, and the family are demonised as fugitives. It was inevitable that The Simpsons would get a big screen adventure because of their cult success, and this 2007 movie is designed to please the fans. If you want to see what a ‘Spider Pig’ can do, this is the movie for you!

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29th May 2020