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Thumbs up for new affordable homes in Morda

Keys have been handed over to the residents of 20 new affordable homes in a Shropshire village.

Tenants at The Wrekin Housing Group’s £2.6m development in Morda said they were over the moon to move in to their properties in time to get settled in before Christmas.

The new residents, who all have ties to the area, include young families and retired couples wanting to downsize.

The development, Pool View Road, lies off Weston Road on the outskirts of the village and has been built for The Wrekin Housing Group by developer by TC Homes.

Among the new residents is Shannon Williams, who has relocated from another Wrekin property along with her partner Ryan and daughter Olivia.

Shannon said: “I was just astounded really by how big the property was and the nice area.

“It’s a relief to have moved from West Felton to be closer to family.

“It’s very quiet here, sometimes when you’re in the garden hanging the washing out you can just hear the river which is really nice.”

Family connections are also what drew Richard and Valerie Peace to Morda when they decided to downsize from their previous home in Llangedwyn.

The couple, who have been married for 60 years and originally hail from Birmingham, have moved into one of the eight bungalows on the new development.

Valerie said: “My daughter lives round in The Ashes and our other daughter is in Oswestry – it’s just a shame we’ve left my son behind in Llanraeadr!”

Peter and Christine Jones were also happy to be offered one of the new bungalows and said they were settling in well a month after getting their keys.

Christine said: “It’s going really well, we are enjoying it. When we first came to see it we thought it was really nice area.

“We were living in Oswestry so we haven’t moved far, but my son lives in Morda so it’s nice to be near him.”

One of the last residents to move in was Alex Wait.

Alex applied for a property with Wrekin when he returned home to Shropshire after living overseas while working as cabin crew for Emirates.

He said it was the location of the development that first drew him in, as well as the chance to get a new build property.

He said: “I really like it, you’re close to Oswestry but still tucked out of the way a little bit.”

Meanwhile Emma Louise Baines and her family have relocated from another Wrekin property in Old Mill Avenue.

Emma said it was bittersweet to leave behind their old home of 13 years, but with two growing boy the family needed more space.

She said: “It was my first property when I was pregnant with my eldest son, so it was a bit of a moment leaving because of the memories I have there.

“But this is a fresh start and there will be new memories. This will be our forever home.”

Emma said she was instantly sold on the size of the house and the fact it had a garden, but the icing on the cake was that her sister had been offered the house two doors down. Their parents, grandparents, aunts and cousins are also just a stone’s throw away.

Emma added: “With a family of four and the children growing, we can grow with this house in the future.”

Housing executive Louise Weston has been helping people settle in to their new homes.

She said:

“The Wrekin Housing Group is very proud to have been able to provide these good quality, affordable new homes for local families.

“We know there is a real need for this type of housing in our rural communities and we’re happy to help play our part in meeting the demand.

“At Pool View Road we aren’t just building property. We’re building a lasting community of people who love their homes, love their neighbourhood and have real pride in where they live.”

30th November 2023