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Ukrainian family thanks Wrekin for support

24 February 2022- That was the day that everything changed for Tetiana and her husband Sergii.

It marked the start of Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

“We saw the pictures on the television like everyone else,” Tetiana said

“It didn’t feel real until I saw a rocket flying over our house. My husband didn’t believe me at first until he saw the second one fly over with his own eyes.”

Sergii and Tetiana are just some of the millions of Ukrainians who, through no fault of their own, were forced to make the heart-breaking decision to leave their homes, friends and family members behind in search of safety.

Eleven months later, they find themselves living in Telford and are being supported by us here at The Wrekin Housing Group.

Tetiana added: “We found it very hard during those first few weeks. We were having to learn a new language and we didn’t know many people. All we had were two small suitcases and a bag containing tour essential documents.

“But we were moved by how friendly people are her in Telford – many people helped us. Including Chloe from the Wrekin Housing Group.”

Chloe Ramsay is part of Wrekin’s Money Matters team, and has worked closely with the couple since they settled in Telford in May 2022.

Chloe: “When I first met Sergii and Tetiana, I was struck by how proud they both were. They did everything for themselves in Ukraine and they didn’t like to ask for help. We built a relationship and they began to trust me.

“They have faced so many barriers – whether it’s learning a new language and being separated from friends and family. Their life was very different in Ukraine, but they have overcome so much during their short time here in Telford.”

Chloe’s support included supplying Sergii and Tetiana with essential household items, including furniture, curtains and a vacuum cleaner.

Chloe added: “I put an appeal out on Facebook and through work colleagues for clothes. Sergii and Tetianan arrived in this country with next to nothing, so we did everything we could to make them feel welcome.”

As well as essential items, Chloe and her colleagues at Wrekin were able to help the couple in other ways – including setting up their utility bills and ensuring they received the financial support they were entitled too.

Tetiana said: “The support we’ve had from both Chloe and Wrekin, it feels like a physical touch. We’ve been overwhelmed. Chloe has such a big heart – we wish we had a daughter like her. It’s very rare to find someone in life who is so kind and helpful, we owe Chloe so much.”

Chloe’s support also extended to securing them a loaned laptop from the Wrekin Housing Group – meaning Sergii and Tetiana could keep up with the latest news from Ukraine. Chloe was also able to give them both Christmas presents thanks to the Telford Christmas Smile project.

Chloe added: “They cried when I gave them the presents. I think it was just so overwhelming for them – being away from their friends and family but knowing that there were people here to support them.”

Sergii added. “Our hearts will always be in the Ukraine. We hope to one day return – it’s heart-breaking watching the news- the bombs, the destruction and devastation caused by Russia. We don’t know what the future holds for us – but we will be forever grateful for the love and support shown to us by Chloe, Wrekin Housing Group and the people of Telford. Great Britain is full of great people.”

10th March 2023