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Universal Credit changes – everything you need to know

Since April 2020, people entitled to Universal Credit received an extra £20 per week – and this will end from October 2021

This means that your September's UC payment will be the last to include this extra money.

From October 21 onwards you will receive £86.87 per month less than previously.

Start to think ahead about your budget from October onwards…

  • How will you manage your budget when this change happens?
  • Consider your rent, council tax, gas, electric, water and other priority bills
  • Think about changes you can start to make now to cut your expenses

You might be concerned about how this change will affect you and your household - Money Helper has tools that can help you keep track of your money and save on everyday household bills.

You will still receive the same help towards your Housing Costs, and we know that most of our customers will continue to pay their rent as they do now, but if you are worried about managing your rent payment plan please call 01952 217100 to speak to your Housing Executive.

Our expert Money Matters Team are on hand to support you with a financial crisis, offer welfare benefit advice, budgeting support and much more…..

Contact the team directly via email at to request a call back, or call 01952 217234.

If you are struggling with debts, we offer free, impartial, confidential debt advice. Contact Wrekin Debt Advice direct on or call 01952 217250.

Please also refer to our frequently asked questions (PDF 406kb).

9th September 2021