Making a Difference
to people's lives

What it’s like to volunteer for Wrekin

At Wrekin we have a group of dedicated volunteers who support us to deliver exceptional results. We spoke to some of our volunteers about their experiences and how they are helping us make a difference to people’s lives.

Here’s Clive Dann and Roger Woodward discussing their experiences volunteering for Wrekin Housing Group.

Clive Dann

“As the Chair of the Customer Voice Panel, I enjoy being involved in Wrekin Housing Group as it is interesting to learn how our Landlords operate.

“It’s rewarding to be a part of that operation along with colleagues on the 4 panels.

“It’s so worthwhile and rewarding as the panels monitor and influence policies and procedures, keep everything on track, delve into performance by the Group and have representation to the Board. You can't have better than that.

Roger Woodward

“I am part of the Customer Assurance Panel that works on behalf of the tenants to help make sure national and local standards are met.

“My colleagues and I meet with staff from across Wrekin, from young people starting their careers to board members. For me, this is a great way for us to have our voices heard and for the executives to explain what they are doing and why they have to do it.

“It feels like everyone in the organisation is working together for the same goal.

“The Wrekin Housing Group really make a difference for their tenants and encourage us to get involved. I personally get a lot of satisfaction knowing that tenant’s voices are being heard through the various tenant panels that operate at Wrekin.

If you’d like to find out more about our Resident Involvement Campaign please click here.

9th June 2021