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Wrekin appoints tenant onto board to ensure customers’ voices are heard

We're delighted to confirm the appointment of Wrekin tenant Kevin Morgan as our newest board member - ensuring customers’ voices are heard at the highest level.

Kevin Morgan, a former trade union official, has taken on the role of both Non-Executive Director and Board Member at The Wrekin Housing Group.

Kevin lives in a retirement housing scheme run by Wrekin at Apley Court in Wellington.

With years of experience in local government and education, he decided to put his name forward and was appointed following a rigorous interview process.

Kevin will also chair the group’s newly-created Customer Committee, which has been tasked with ensuring Wrekin is accountable to its customers and provides a link between tenants and the board.

Kevin said:

“As a tenant with the housing group for nearly seven years, I’m delighted to have been appointed to the board.

“It’s a very privileged position to be in and one that carries a lot of importance in ensuring customers are at the heart of decision making.

“A lot of people are currently struggling with the cost of living crisis and the support Wrekin provides to tenants with financial problems is crucial, so I’ll be looking to raise awareness of it with others.”

Wayne Gethings, Chief Executive of The Wrekin Housing Group, said:

“We’re very pleased to have Kevin on our board as he brings a wealth of life experience with him.

“Wrekin is one of very few organisations to have appointed a tenant as a non-executive director and the process was opened up to all of our customers, who were encouraged to apply for the role.

“Along with his nine other colleagues on the Group Board, Kevin will be involved in making key decisions within the organisation, putting the customer very much at the forefront.”

Des Hudson, Group Chair, said:

“We are determined to ensure our customers remain the focus of everything we do by bringing Kevin onto our board and launching this new committee.

“Given the current challenges people face, it has never been more important to make sure we listen to our customers and to use their opinions to inform how we run our services.

“Wrekin has a clear vision and we are united in our purpose of making a difference to people’s lives.”

17th March 2023