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Wrekin is making sure its residents are heard

The Wrekin Housing Group has been working remotely with its tenants to ensure their voices are heard – as part of the national Together with Tenants campaign.

Here are some of the ways Wrekin have worked with involved residents and acted on feedback.

Remotely working together with residents, Wrekin has set up a Board Service Quality Committee, which scrutinises the quality of services received by customers.

We are also working jointly with The Housing Quality Network (HQN) to provide mentoring services to our tenants. Wrekin have also commissioned them to provide a Core training programme for involved residents as part of our new Tenant Skills Academy, which will include a range of external and internal training.

Members of Wrekin’s Customer Voice Panel took part in the review of the self-assessment against the Housing Ombudsman’s Complaints Handling Code, and scrutinised the way the organisation deals with complaints.

Tenants are also working with officers to create a new customer strategy and have agreed to combine the following elements:

  • Customer service
  • Customer access
  • Understanding our customers
  • Engaging our customers
  • Empowering our customers and communities

As part of the consultation of this strategy, reviews of the Wrekin Tenant’s Charter, will be undertaken.

In the last 9 months involved residents have helped transform how we survey our customers and are now engaging with both an increased number and a more diverse range of tenants through using the CX Feedback system and digital surveying methods. This system is also being developed to support tenant scrutiny, allowing them to survey customers to identify a much wider range of views than ever before. This service will be commencing in 2021/22.

Residents have also been involved in refreshing the Group’s website, as well as the development of the Wrekin App, which is now at the testing stage.

Wrekin’s Tenant representatives are increasingly being used in recruitment exercises for management level and above posts, including Board Member recruitment, influencing the appointment of the right, customer focussed people into the organisation.

If you would like to find out more about how you can get involved, please click here.

26th July 2021