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Your Voice – Tenant Satisfaction Measures

At Wrekin we are committed to delivering the services that matter to you, and we are proud of our offer.

Listening to you and taking on board your feedback is essential if we are going to continue to deliver excellent levels of customer service. Your voice matters, and we have some brilliant examples of how your feedback has led us to improve the services we deliver.

Recent examples:

  • We listened to your feedback regarding what type of cleaning service you would like us to deliver in our retirement living schemes and communal areas. As a result of your feedback, we are currently in the process of re-tendering this service – meaning we can deliver a service that better meets your needs.
  • Some of you also said there has been a lack of communication from us regarding the timings of repairs. As a direct result of you feedback, we’ve introduced a number of improvements to improve our communication with you throughout the repairs process – including a text message alert ahead of your appointment.

Our regulator is currently consulting on a new set of tenant satisfaction measures. They are intended to provide a set of clear, comparable metrics on issues that matter to you, and would be applied to housing associations like us here at Wrekin.

The measures would enable you – our customers - to hold us to account, and allow our regulator to ensure that we are delivering.

The regulator is seeking views on its proposed 22 tenant satisfaction measures across the five themes:

Keeping properties in good repair

  • Percentage of repairs completed within target timescale
  • Your satisfaction with repairs

Maintaining building safety

  • Safety checks
  • Satisfaction that your home is well maintained and safe to live in

Effective complaints handling

  • Are you satisfied with how we handle complaints?
  • Do you know how to complain?

Respectful and helpful tenant management

  • Do we treat you with fairness and respect?
  • Do we listen to you and act upon your feedback?

Responsible neighbourhood management

  • Are we making a positive contribution to your neighbourhood?
  • Are you satisfied with our approach to tackling things like anti-social behaviour?

It’s important that you have your say – we want you to be honest about us as a landlord – the good, the bad and what we need to do better.

How to have your say

  • Complete our survey – please take a few minutes out of your day to give us your views – it really will make a difference
  • Join one of our webinars – we are pulling together a series of online webinars where our staff will be on hand to find out more about the Tenant Satisfaction Measures. Look out for further detail in the near future.

27th January 2022