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Prees Development

Our planned development off Whitchurch Road, Prees will provide 27 new energy efficient homes.

Through a community led scheme the homes will be a mix of one, two and three bedroom houses and bungalows and will be available for affordable rent and shared ownership from spring 2022. Priority will be given to people with a connection to the local area.

The new energy efficient homes will be built to nationally described space standards and feature: PV solar panels, air source heating, ‘A’ energy efficiency rating, low energy costs, gardens and parking.

Development layout

Prees development plan

House types

Please click on the below links to view the house types.

1 bedroom house PDF

2 bedroom house PDF

2 bedroom bungalow and wheelchair accessible bungalow PDF

Site layout and all house types (PDF 4mb)

Frequently asked questions

Why are you building here?

There is concern that new homes being built in the parish are not meeting the needs of local residents. Research by Shropshire Council via their Right Home Right Place Survey identified a need for more affordable and energy efficient homes.

What is a community led scheme?

A community project group engage with partners and act as a voice for the expectations of the local community. Helping to develop a suitable housing scheme for the village or town. They help with decisions including house type, design and energy efficiency.

Who makes up the project group for this scheme?

The group, known as the Project Board, is made up of representatives from the Prees Parish Council, residents of Prees, The Wrekin Housing Group, Shropshire Council and building consultants.

Who are The Wrekin Housing Group?

The Wrekin Housing Group is a Community Benefit Society that provides housing and care services which deliver social value across Shropshire, Staffordshire and Telford & Wrekin. As one of the West Midlands largest social housing providers we provide over 13,000 homes for affordable rent and low cost home ownership. As a socially minded organisation we work across communities to make a difference to people’s lives. You can read more here.

Who decides who will live in the new homes?

A subgroup from the Project Board will set criteria for the selection of residents. This will take in to account the needs of local people.

How are potential residents selected?

Tenants will be allocated properties via Shropshire Councils housing list ‘Shropshire Homepoint’ once applicants are identified a subgroup of the Project Board will ensure that each applicant qualifies as local to the parish of Prees; the subgroup will include local residents as well as Council representatives. If you are interested in applying for a home you must register with Shropshire Homepoint, if interested parties are not registered on this list they will not be able to apply for these homes.

How are the new homes affordable?

The homes will be built to a high energy efficiency rating which will reduce heating and electric costs. The homes will also be rented at an ‘affordable rent’ depending on house type with rent not exceeding Local Housing Allowance which is the maximum housing benefit an applicant can receive per property type if in full receipt of housing benefit. These figures can be found on Shropshire Councils website.

How long will the new homes remain affordable?

The homes will always be classed as affordable.

How energy efficient are the homes?

The project group have worked hard with The Wrekin Housing Group, energy consultants and the developers to provide a proposal for planning of ‘A’ rated energy efficiency homes using air source heating pumps and photovoltaic panels to ensure heating costs are low and properties retain heat more efficiently.

How many homes will be available for purchase?

Excluding the bungalows 30% or six houses within the development will be available on a shared ownership basis. This is where first time buyers or people who are unable to purchase a house on the open market, have the opportunity to purchase a minimum 25% share in a property and rent the remaining share of the property from Wrekin.

Will I be able to make any comment on the development?

There is an opportunity to comment on the development now via email during this consultation period. In addition to the consultation a planning application will soon be made which will give the public another opportunity to comment on the proposed scheme via the Shropshire Councils Planning portal, email or post.

You should be aware that the development has to be approved in planning terms in the same way that any planning application is and anyone can inform the Planning Authority of their views either for or against the scheme.

We value your feedback

We want to hear your views on our proposed plans to help us shape the housing to your needs. Please submit your feedback using the electronic survey form below, or you can email by 15 September 2020.

Submit feedback here

We would value feedback on the layout of the proposed site plan, the house types and any other comments you many have.

How we will use your information

Information and feedback provided by local residents will be used to help the Group understand public opinion regarding the proposed development at Prees. We will only use the information provided as part of the planning process and it will be deleted once a formal planning application is made.

The Wrekin Housing Group are working in partnership with the local Parish Council, Shropshire Council and Right Home Right Place to develop homes suitable and affordable for the Prees Parish.

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