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Getting Your Home Winter Ready

With winter fast approaching, it’s  important to get your home winter ready.  We want to share some steps you  can take to make sure your home is  healthy, and stays free from damp and  condensation during the colder months.

Check your boiler
Even if you don’t want to put your boiler on yet, you should test it’s working by switching it on for one hour, and seeing if your radiators heat up. Pipes and boilers can seize up over the summer when they’re not being used. If your boiler doesn’t work, get in touch with us as soon as possible so we can get it fixed in time for winter.

Check your heaters
If you have a different type of heater, like storage heaters, or solar, you should
check these too. Run the system for approximately 20 minutes to ensure it’s working correctly. If any radiators or controls aren’t working properly, get in touch with us.

Gas safety check
We carry out annual gas safety checks in your home. If your appointment’s due, make sure you’re in for it. These checks are legally required and important for your safety. If you’ve missed your appointment, please get in touch to re-book as soon as possible.

Is damp or condensation present at my property?

If yellow water marks are present on your ceiling or walls, or you are unsure if your property has condensation please contact the repairs line on 01952 217217.

Damp and condensation works are put through to the planned programme for further investigation. The Group will treat the area affected by the mould, it is then up to the tenant to make sure preventative measures are carried out.

For further information please look at our guide to reducing condensation in your home