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Report a Repair

It is your responsibility as a tenant to report any repairs needed at the property so that we can keep the property well maintained.

Please contact the repairs line on 01952 217217 to report the repair.
My Wrekin App

The My Wrekin App is the easy way for current Wrekin tenants to manage their home at the touch of a button - including reporting a repair and making a payment.

It's available, to download for FREE via the It’s available to download now for free, via the App Store or Google Play, simply search for 'My Wrekin' or 'The Wrekin Housing Group'.

Reporting a repair
01952 217217

8am - 8pm Monday to Sunday.

To report a repair outside of office hours, please call 01952 217217

What do I need to do before a repair can be carried out?

You will need to ensure that the area is clear to enable the trades person to easily access the repair, unless you are registered disabled, have any recognised vulnerability or no family members to help you.

What if it can't be repaired on the same day?

If we can't it is usually because you may have phoned us too late to complete it the same day, we may have to order specialist parts, or the type of repair means it will always take more than one day to complete. If we cannot complete it on the same day, we will arrange an appointment with you for when we can complete it.