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Report a Repair

It is your responsibility as a tenant to report any repairs needed at the property so that we can keep the property well maintained.

Please contact the repairs line on 01952 217217 to report the repair.

How quick will someone come out?

For day to day repairs we offer a same day service, so please phone the repair through when you know you will be home for the trades person to come and fix it.

We try to get out to you within two hours. Our standard is that we will complete the repair the same day, wherever it is possible to do so. Please ensure that you stay at your property after making the phone call to allow access, as it may be you are only waiting a very brief time. If the appointment is missed due to no access the Trust cannot guarantee a tradesman can return on the same day.

Our Customer Contact Centre is open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and 9am to 12.30pm on a Saturday. We do not operate a cut off time for taking repairs and responding the same day, but there may be occasions if you call late in the afternoon that we have to decline and either ask you to call back the next most convenient day, or offer an appointment if you would prefer not to call back. This will only happen when demand is high and this usually follows bad weather or Bank Holiday periods.

Our qualified tradesman and contractors will always carry ID badges and show them to you when they attend. If anyone says they are from the Trust, but don't have an ID badge, don't let them in.

What do I need to do before a repair can be carried out?

You will need to ensure that the area is clear to enable the trades person to easily access the repair, unless you are registered disabled, have any recognised vulnerability or no family members to help you.

What if it can't be repaired on the same day?

If we can't it is usually because you may have phoned us too late to complete it the same day, we may have to order specialist parts, or the type of repair means it will always take more than one day to complete. If we cannot complete it on the same day, we will arrange an appointment with you for when we can complete it.