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Information for Leaseholders

Many people who have a flat are, in law, actually tenants with long residential leases. Flat owners effectively purchase the flat for a certain number of years (usually 125 years in the case of our leaseholders), while the landlord retains the freehold of the building.

A leaseholder's interest in the property they own is substantially greater than that of their landlord, and they look to their landlord to ensure that their interest is properly protected.

The government has recently introduced some important changes to the law on service charges and leaseholder consultation, as well as clarifying and extending leaseholders rights in many other respects.

We recognise our responsibilities as a freeholder and are committed to ensuring that leaseholders receive standards of service comparable with those enjoyed by all other customers of the Group, and that all leaseholders are treated with courtesy and respect.

Policy Statement

The Wrekin Housing Group is committed to meeting its responsibilities to leaseholders under the terms of their leases, and to provide leaseholders with high quality services in the management and maintenance of their homes.

The Group will fulfil its obligations under the terms of the lease, and the requirements of the law relating to leasehold management. The Group will also continually work towards adopting best practice in the management of leasehold property.

The Group aims to ensure that leaseholders comply with the terms of their lease, with particular regard to harassment, nuisance and other actions that are likely to affect the lives of other residents.

The Group believes that working in partnership with leaseholders is the best way of making sure that it delivers services that leaseholders want and value. Information is also available from the Leasehold Advisory Service.