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Money Matters

To help you insure your possessions and manage your money better, we have compiled some information on the following topics:

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Paying your rent
Find out more about when and how to pay your rent, and what happens if you can't or don't pay it.

Home Contents Insurance
We think it's really important to help you protect your home and its contents. Find out more about our affordable and comprehensive Home Contents Insurance policy, available exclusively to Wrekin tenants.

Borrowing money
There may be times when you need to borrow small amounts of money to help you through a crisis or unexpected event, and we want to help you find the best option.

Energy efficiency
Advice on reducing the cost of heating your home.

Debt Advice
What to do if you are getting into debt.

Universal Credit
Find out more about Universal Credit.

Your money
This section details useful information on getting online, budgeting, loans and credit and items related to your money.

Useful information is available on the Birmingham Council website on Illegal Money Lending.