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Asbestos in the home

Because of its strength and fire resistance, asbestos was widely used in the construction of many buildings including houses between 1900 and 1999. Asbestos materials are unlikely to release fibres into the air, or cause any threat to your health, as long as they are undamaged. However, there is a risk to health if they are disturbed, including as part of a building or repair work.

You may find asbestos in the following places:

  • Ceiling and wall coatings (artex)
  • Ceiling and roof tile or sheets
  • Floor tiles and coverings (for example: lino)
  • Fire protection linings (around meters, boilers, fuses, airing cupboards)
  • Within gas central heating boiler units
  • Pipe insulation coverings (not the foam type)
  • Bitumen-based linings
  • Flue ventilation pipes
  • External soffits and fascias

As these materials may contain asbestos they should not be broken, sanded, cut or drilled. If your concerned about asbestos in your home, please contact our asbestos team on 01952 217100.

If there is any damage to any asbestos containing materials in your home, you must let us know immediately by calling the repairs line on 01952 217217.

How do I view asbestos information on my property?

It's important to let you know if asbestos may be present in your home. If your Group property has had an asbestos survey, you can request the information via our general enquiries number on 01952 217100 and you will be transferred to a member of our Building Facilities Team who will be happy to help with the queries.

Additional information regarding asbestos in your home can be found by visiting the Health and Safety Executive website.