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Group Board Committees

The Wrekin Housing Group and Choices Housing Association operate a co-terminous Board made up of 10 members, including the Group Chair.

Governance and control are strengthened by the Board’s clear line of sight across the business.

Members populate the subsidiary boards and committee structure. In addition there are two independent members on the Audit & Assurance Committee.

The committee structure:

Finance & Investment Committee: oversees matters relating to the Group’s financial, treasury and development activities. The committee monitors the Group’s activities against strategies and polices periodically reviews and recommends changes in relevant Group strategies and policies.

Audit & Assurance Committee: assists the Group Board in fulfilling its statutory and regulatory obligations by having oversight of and scrutinising the system of internal control, the risk management framework, the business continuity arrangements and the health & safety management framework; being accountable for the external and internal audit arrangements including the production of an annual report; and monitoring compliance with laws and regulations.

People & Nominations Committee: advises the Group Board on the remuneration of the Executive Team, their terms and conditions of employment and performance targets; advises on the remuneration and the reimbursement of expenses for Board members; ensures there are robust succession plans in place for the Board and Executive Team; oversees the process for the appointment of Board members and the Executive; and ensures that the membership of Committees is reviewed annually.

Customer Committee: responsible for strategically reviewing and monitoring the Group’s service quality and outcomes, reviewing themes from inspections and such other reports and data sources, ensuring that the voice of the customer and residents contributes to all aspects of service delivery, and ensures that the consumer standards of the Regulator of Social Housing are being consistently met.