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to people's lives

Accessibility in recruitment

We want you to have every opportunity to demonstrate your skills, ability and potential. If there is anything we could do to support you through your application or to provide the best environment for your interviews, including assistance or adjustment, we are happy to support you.

This is not an exhaustive list, but examples of adjustments that we could provide, include:

  • Accessibility support or adjustments to make you more physically comfortable or able during the interview
  • Additional information about the interview location
  • Communication support or adjustments. This could include receiving documents in an alternative format, putting subtitles our video calls or a British sign language interpreter
  • Providing written copies of the questions either before or during the interview
  • Allocating additional time to complete assessments or presentations during an interview.

You do not have to have a registered disability to ask for an adjustment. And if you do have a disability you don’t have to share that with us. If there is something in your life that creates a barrier in applying or attending a job interview, for example caring responsibilities or religious commitments, we are able to work with you flexibly to find a solution that works.

Our inclusive recruitment training provides guidance for interviewers about how to create an inclusive environment. We have encouraged all interviewers to consider the below options, but feel free to suggest or do any of them yourself at the start of the interview:

  • Introducing yourselves with your pronouns
  • Taking all the time you need to answer a question and write notes if it will help structure answers.
  • Alternatively, please bring any notes or any aides with you that will support you during your interview.
  • Online interviews can use closed captions. On Teams you can turn on Closed Captions by clicking the three dots on the top banner and it is just above the record button.
  • Feel free to take a break if you need one and try not to worry about internet issues for online interviews – the interview can continue once internet has resumed.
  • The panel will also need to take time after questions to finish taking notes.
  • You are welcome to turn your camera off at any point.
  • Feel free to ask interviewers to copy your interview question into the chat so you can read the question.