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Visiting Old Park

We are committed to being a truly inclusive employer - an environment where everyone one is treated fairly. This also extends to anyone who visits our head office in Telford.

Visiting Old Park - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are disabled parking bays available?

Disabled parking bays are available in the Visitor Car Park, situated 20 meters from our main front door. In the unlikely event that none of these spaces are unavailable, we will provide alternative parking on our main employee car park situated at the back of the building.

Are there accessible toilets available for employees?

We have a number of accessible toilets located throughout the building.

Are all doors into the office automatic doors?

Pressing the automated door button will allow access to our reception area at the front of the building. The front door to our reception is an automatic or left open door. The door to allow access to our downstairs work HUB is also automatic.

Is there an accessible fire alarm in the office?

Yes, we have call points that are accessible to raise an alarm throughout the office building.

Can we provide personal emergency evacuation plans (PEEPS)?

Our Health and Safety team conducts risk assessments and can provide PEEPS for employees that require them.

Do you have an evac chair that is accessible for employees?

Evac chairs are positioned depending on employee risk assessment where PEEPS require.

Whilst our ground floor offices and reception are used for all visitors who are unable to evacuate.

Do you have a multi-faith room?

We don’t currently have a multi-faith room available for employees, but we are planning to provide a room in the near future.

Do you have gender neutral toilets?

We don’t currently have gender neutral toilets, but are planning to improve our offering in the future.

Are there hygiene products for people who menstruate in the accessible toilets?

There are sanitary bins and sanitary products available in accessible toilets. Products are also being made available in all of our buildings as part of our ‘Period Poverty’ commitment.

Are their facilities available for new and expectant mothers?

Yes, upon being notified the Health and Safety team will make available a private area for expressing breast milk.

Are the units lowered in the kitchen and café?

Our kitchens are not accessible, but water fountains are located across the building are.

Café Wrekin is located on the ground floor and serves from 8am until 1pm Monday to Friday.

Are there induction loops in meeting spaces?

We have induction loops in the main meeting rooms and the reception areas, but this not yet available in all of our meeting rooms.

Is there braille on the lift buttons?

Braille can be found on the buttons within our lifts (but not within the office).

What kind of lights do we have?

We are currently in the process of changing our lights to Low impact LED lights throughout the office.

If your interview is not being held at our main site at Colliers Way, Old Park or you have any concerns about accessibility to a site you can contact us in the following ways:


Telephone: 01952 217100.

In writing: The Wrekin Housing Group, Customer Contact Centre, Colliers Way, Old Park, Telford, TF3 4AW