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Emotional interview with a Money Matters customer

At Wrekin, we’re proud of the work our Money Matters Team does for our customers. That’s why we’re focussing on some of the support they’ve provided to people during difficult times. Here’s one of the Money Matter’s customers, who has agreed to share their story anonymously.

“It all started when my ex and I decided to get a joint bank account together. After we got the account sorted out, he kept both of the bank cards and plunged us into thousands of pounds of debt, some of which I didn’t even know about. We’d been together for a short while, he went away for work and racked up even more debt, he was only gone for a few weeks!

“We separated and I just fell deeper and deeper into debt. It was a difficult time and it just felt like I was on a sinking ship, so many things were happening, which all contributed to me just feeling more and more depressed.

“Before getting in touch with the Money Matters Team, I was just trying to bury my head in the sand and block everything out, it was really overwhelming because the debt was huge. I was filled with constant dread, every time the postman came I was terrified it would be another bill. I was worried debt collectors were going to turn up and knock my door down. I wasn’t sleeping very well and my anxiety was really bad at the time too.

“When I first got in contact with the debt advice service at Wrekin, I spoke with Dan Bebbington and he was absolutely amazing. He was so understanding and put me in touch with another member of the helpful team called Sue when needed, the team were so helpful and so polite at all times. They supported me when filling in paperwork that needed doing too, they were just fantastic with everything. Dan helped me sort out all of the debts, we did some three way phone calls where he would speak to the providers of gas, electric and water, on my behalf.

“I also had a creditor at the time who kept chasing me, Dan called him up and put an end to it, which was a massive weight off my shoulders. Dan is an absolute angel, so lovely, so helpful, always goes above and beyond.

“Dan and the Money Matters team helped me with a debt relief order, which was granted by the insolvency service. I was subject to a 12 month moratorium, following this my debt was completely written off and I was given a fresh start financially! This was such a relief, because before I didn’t even know how much debt I was in, I’d just put letters on the side because I couldn’t face it. I also didn’t know if I would have to pay off the debt that my ex had got us both into. This gave me a clean slate and took all the pressure off.

“I feel calmer now, much more settled and I no longer feel anxious when the postman comes. I don’t have to worry about debt collectors knocking on the door. I’m definitely happier and it’s nice to know how much I’ve got left over when after I’ve paid for the essentials, like food and rent. I’m now in the process of setting up a savings account with Just Credit Union, staying out of debt, not accruing debt for the Christmas period and struggling to repay it all for a while. I’m planning ahead for my son’s birthday and even planning a family holiday, which is something that I could have only ever dreamt about before. It really is a massive change.

“My advice to anyone struggling financially is to reach out, don’t be embarrassed because people can help you, they won’t judge you and can genuinely make a difference for you. They’re so empathetic and really supportive, please just get in touch.”

To find out more about the Money Matters Team and how they can help you, please click here.

29th July 2021