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Money Matters: Don't miss out on the Warm Home Discount

In this week's Money Matters column, Wrekin's Debt & Energy Manager Dan Bebbington encourages everyone who is eligible to take advantage of the Warm Home Discount Scheme.

The rising cost of energy bills remains a major concern for households in 2023.

It’s therefore important to know what help is out there if you’re struggling to make ends meet.

One initiative which you might not be aware of is the UK Government’s Warm Home Discount Scheme.

The one-off payment of £150 is aimed at easing the burden for those living on a low income or pension.

The payment is usually automatically credited to your electricity account between October and March if you’re eligible and with a participating supplier.

Customers who have a prepayment meter will generally receive a top-up voucher.

Those eligible include people who receive the guaranteed element of pension credit or another qualifying benefit such as Universal Credit or housing benefit and are considered to have high energy costs.

The government assesses the energy costs of those on qualifying benefits based on the type, age and size of their property on the qualifying date of 21 August 2022.

Some energy suppliers also provide additional support under the scheme, including advice on using less energy and assistance with reducing energy-related debts.

Generally speaking, you will receive the discount automatically if you’re eligible and receive a letter explaining how it works. Your supplier will then apply it to your bill by the end of March.

However, if you haven’t received a letter by now and think you might be eligible, then you can call the Warm Home Discount helpline on 0800 107 8002. Make sure you do this before 28 February 2023.

You can also check your eligibility online via the government website at

If you’re concerned about your energy bills, then please make sure you’re claiming all the support you’re entitled to. This is just one of many support schemes out there.

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23rd January 2023