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Tenants get digital to inspire positive change

Its Digital housing week and we wanted to update you on how our involved residents are continuing to work with us.

As we deliver services through COVID-19 restrictions our involved residents have been volunteering their time, working alongside us and ensuring that the views and needs of our customers continue to be shared.

Working closely with Wrekin Board members and staff are the Customer Voice Panel (CVP). Their job is to make sure that any important issues and service feedback raised by our tenants is directly fed to the Board.

In order to maintain this connection the CVP have been getting digital and holding virtual meetings with Wrekin staff, Board members and even the Chief Executive Wayne Gethings through Microsoft Teams video conferencing.

Clive Dann is Chair of the CVP and says; “I have become quite comfortable communicating with colleagues through Teams. There haven’t been too many drawbacks. Although, I’m happy with our digital set up I’m looking forward to getting back to normal in the future.”

Wrekin’s Co–regulation coordinator David Lewis works closely with all involved tenants and has been helping to get everyone set up with the kit and skills needed to stay in touch digitally.

David says, “Currently we can’t meet in person which has been a big change for us, previously regular face to face meetings were core to how we worked together. We now keep updated through regular emails and phone calls, but the use of video conferencing is fantastic, it’s enabling valuable face to face engagement and the involved residents are really enjoying it.”

If you would like to get involved we’re looking for new members to join the Tenant’s Panel, our Audit Group and Assurance Panel. Visit our resident involvement page to find out about what being involved could mean for you, call 01952 217181 or email

23rd June 2020