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Frequently asked questions

The most common questions our tenants ask

What happens if I am having work done on my home?

Having any kind of improvement work done to your home can be stressful and we cannot deny that having a new kitchen, bathroom, central heating, rewire, roof covering or doors will not be easy for you. We hope the information below will help you to cope when such work is carried out in your home.

What do I need to do before work starts?

We will ask you to empty cupboards or shelves prior to work starting if you are having a kitchen or bathroom fitted, so now is an ideal time for a good clear out. You may want to move your fridge/freezer into another room.

We will sometimes need access to your loft for rewiring or asbestos testing for example, so it would very helpful if you ensure your loft is clear and tidy.

Will I need to cover my things up?

Our contractors/tradespersons will use dustsheets, but if you feel they have not adequately covered your carpet please let them know. If you have any dustsheets of your own it is also a good idea to cover your lounge suite, television and any other household possessions, as dust goes a very long way!

We have a code of conduct which we issue to all our staff and contractors who will be working in your home.

Safety when work is in progress

Please be careful whilst the work is being carried out. It is really important that children understand that they must not play with tools, building materials, on scaffolding or in skips.

We will do all we can to keep you and your family safe whilst the work is going on but parents/grandparents or guardians have responsibilities too. Likewise, please make any suitable arrangements if you have any pets.

Will I have to manage without a kitchen or bathroom?

If you are having a kitchen or bathroom fitted you are going to be limited for some of the time while the work is in progress, so if you can, plan ahead. To make managing without a kitchen easier, think about preparing some meals in advance of the work which can be easily re-heated or even eaten cold. We will try to reconnect temporary cooking facilities by the end of the day, wherever possible.

We try to make sure that you are not left without washing or toilet facilities overnight, however on rare occasions this is unavoidable. In such cases temporary facilities will be provided. Bathroom fittings will usually be replaced on the same day but there will be some inconvenience. You may wish to arrange with a neighbour or relative to use their facilities for the short period when the fittings are swapped, just in case.

If I don’t want the upheaval, can I opt out of the works?

You are within your rights to opt out of the planned works if you wish, as long as there are no health and safety risks present. However if improvement works have been identified due to the number of repairs required, then these will only get worse and eventually you will need to have the work carried out anyway.

Please note: The re-wire and annual gas safety checks are mandatory, due to health and safety you will need to give access for both of these. Failure to provide access is a serious breach of your tenancy conditions.

I work full-time and I am unable to take time off, can I leave my key with a neighbour?

A friend or family member will need to be present if a contractor or tradesperson requires access into your property.

How often will the Group service my boiler?

We are committed to visiting all properties every 12 months and will arrange for your central heating system to be serviced approximately six weeks before the service is due. Our dedicated service engineers will visit to check your heating system to make sure that it is safe and that any faults are repaired. If you have an oil boiler, this will be serviced every six months this service is a legal requirement, for the effective operation of your system and for you and your family’s safety.

Please note that our tradesmen may need to access your loft to service the flue. Please refer to the repairs section of the handbook for further information.

Failure to provide access is a serious breach of your tenancy conditions. If you cannot make the appointment sent to you, please phone 01952 217259 to rearrange.

Who can I contact for more information?

Please call the contact number on your letter or ask for the Asset Management Team on 01952 217100.