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Antisocial behaviour - Guidance on living in flats

Everyone has the right to live peacefully in their own home. Most of our tenants never experience or cause antisocial behaviour (ASB). However, the action of a few can affect the quality of life for individuals and sometimes whole communities; therefore the Group takes antisocial behaviour very seriously.

Ways of being a good neighbour in a flat:

When living in flats be aware that people may be living above or underneath you, so if you are causing noise this will travel and could be causing a nuisance to your neighbours. If there are communal areas it is all tenants’ responsibility to keep them tidy and free from hazards.

  • Use carpets, rugs and soft furnishings on floor surfaces to absorb noise that travels between properties. Hardwood or click flooring is not permitted in flats or maisonettes for this reason.
  • Don’t put speakers from a stereo or TV on the floor and keep the volume on all sound equipment to a suitable level.
  • Do not use noisy appliances at times when people are likely to be resting or asleep. A washing machine turned on late at night can vibrate to the property below, amplifying the noise.
  • Don’t leave any items in the communal area, they could be stolen or be a health and safety risk.
  • Do not give access to the communal areas of your block to people if you don’t know who they are.
  • Do not leave communal security doors unlocked or wedged open.
  • Do not let your visitors congregate in the communal areas. You are still responsible for their behaviour.
  • The communal areas are no smoking areas.
  • Make sure all household rubbish is put inside the communal rubbish bins. Do not put any other household items in the communal bin area (e.g. sofa, fridge, bed, and mattress). We will recharge you the cost of removing them, and this is higher than the Council charge for bulk collections. To order bulk collections, call your local Council. See Donate, reuse and Recycle for further information on free services.
  • Pets are not permitted in flats without the Group’s permission. If you have been given permission, you must keep them under control, and must not allow them to foul in communal areas.
  • You must not throw anything from the windows of flats.

How do I report ASB?

Please refer to our full guidance on the ASB reporting process and how we can support you here: Antisocial behaviour

There are a number of ways you can do this; call into one of our local shops, telephone us, write to us, send us an email on Please refer to the contacts page for the individual shops details. If you live in the Borough of Telford & Wrekin, you can also report it to the antisocial behaviour reporting line by telephone on 01952 384384. If your in the Shropshire area telephone 0345 678 9020 or Staffordshire contact 01785 619000.